Moon Society Annual Meeting 2019

The Moon Society held it's 2019 Annual Meeting on August 14, 2019. The meeting was held online in the Society's Slack workspace in the #auditorium channel at 7pm Central time. The Moon Society President, Michael Mealling, presented the "State of the Society" address. Keith Garrett. the Society's Secretary, then presented the election and survey results. The meeting concluded with a discussion regarding what the Society can and should be doing going forward.


Election and Survey Results 2019

The Moon Society 2019 Election results:

  • Vice President - James Burk
  • Treasurer - Dana Carson
  • Director (Seat #3) - Ben Smith
  • Director (Seat #4) - James Gholston
  • Director (Seat #5) - Paul Banyai


Survey question results:

  • What project(s) should be the primary focus of the Moon Society in 2020?

    • Commercial Moon Base Design (57%)
    • Lunarpedia (43%)